The Story So Far...

The journey began out of a love of cider and a conviction that it does not have to be characterless and mass-produced.  

Luke’s travels to learn the art of cider-making have taken him from the heartlands of British cider country in Hereford and Somerset to the French cideries of Normandy and to the New World ciders of New Zealand and Australia. He has worked for big producers and small - and watched, listened, and learned.

Finally, armed with a deep understanding of both traditional techniques and the creativity of the new, he was ready to make the kind of cider he is passionate about.   

First Batch was the beginning, an award-winning cider that clearly justified the vision. Then Second Batch, an oak-aged and characterful cider that broke new ground. The latest, Third Batch, is the delightful final addition to the trilogy so far. 

Each carefully judged blend is made from the juice of 100 per cent classic cider apple varieties, harvested and pressed in the autumn to ferment over the winter and then matured for over a year. Finally, when it’s ready, it is canned in one batch, one vintage, one expression, one creation, lovingly signed off with confidence, bearing the name of its maker. 

And so the journey continues...