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The Story So Far...

Luke with 3000ltrs of fermenting cider f

The journey began out of a love of cider and a conviction that it does not have to be characterless and mass-produced.  

Luke’s travels to learn the art of cider-making have taken him from the heartlands of British cider country in Hereford and Somerset to the French cideries of Normandy and to the New World ciders of New Zealand and Australia. He has worked for big producers and small - and watched, listened, and learned.

Finally, armed with a deep understanding of both traditional techniques and the creativity of the new, he was ready to make the kind of cider he is passionate about.   

Based in London but crafted in the west-country, all of the cider is made by Luke himself on his family farm, using 100% fresh pressed British apples.

The aim: To produce cider that combines the heritage and artistry of British tradition with the innovation and creativity of the new craft scene.

The result:  Ciders which embrace the provenance and seasonality of the apple; vintages to showcase the  changing years; blends which are bold and exciting!

Luke's cidery outside Bath
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